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Who we are


At Allume International we believe in "Growth Beyond Borders". All companies need to grow with most needing help to reach their full growth potential. Reaching that potential often requires expanding existing markets and penetrating new markets; both domestic and international. The question is, how does a small to mid size company with limited resources and limited experience achieve their full sales growth potential in an ever expanding global market? At Allume International we have those answers. Our seasoned team of global professionals have the strategic and operational experience, talent and passion to help your company achieve sales and revenue growth beyond what was thought possible.

The Best People

Allume International employees, associates and partners have deep experience working with reliable Best Practice Techniques in multiple business disciplines right here at home and all around the world. We also have significant experience in a wide range of business verticals; including manufacturing, service, insurance, engineering, finance, technology, energy, healthcare, retail and education.

Allume International's corporate offices are located in an open-air, loft style, dog loving, historical building just north of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota adjacent to the mighty Mississippi River. Our culture is original, creative, hard charging, irreverent and loads of fun.

The Best Way

Most companies hire full time employees in the hope they can deliver desired sales results. At best this process is time consuming, risky and expensive; at worst it can become disruptive, culturally problematic and result in financial disaster. At Allume International we work with our clients to develop long-term relationships and achieve their goals within a reasonable budget and without taking substantial risks. Every Allume International client relationship is personal and unique. We begin by taking time to learn about our clients, their businesses, their customers and their unique global market opportunities. We focus on their specific strengths, value propositions and growth potential everywhere they might reasonably be. From there we develop effective growth solutions which will increase sales, maximize revenues and strengthen client relationships. If your company is looking for a true strategic sales and revenue growth partner give us a call. We'll explain how we work, how we're different and how we'll each benefit from a strong business relationship. We look forward to hearing from you.

Arun Sharma

Allume Worldwide
Founder / Principal
President & CEO
Allume International
Founder / Principal

The folks at Allume reluctantly acknowledge that Arun is not the leader of the free world; they do however readily embrace him as the leader of our successful, growing and really fun global company. Arun's story began in the mountainous regions of northern India known as Himachal Pradesh. As a child Arun had a fascination with photography. His ability to creatively see subjects in new lights, different settings and unique perspectives separated him from most precocious youngsters his age.

While a teen Arun's family settled in Southern Minnesota where his father was Department Chair and Professor of Economics at Mankato State University. Arun subsequently graduated college with degrees in Economics and International Business. Post graduation, Arun returned to India for several years where he successfully ran an entrepreneurial mid-sized company. Arun's passion for photography continued, but he made his living in the business world. Following a relocation back to the States he spent over twenty years working at the highest levels of business and marketing leadership with two major global corporations. The call of the camera never really left however, and in 2007 he founded a fledgling photography studio he named Allume (All Of You and Me). As the studio grew Arun became increasingly interested in utilizing both his creative mind and his vast business experience. Soon Allume Digital was born and a new kind of Marketing company emerged. Then in October of 2013 Arun met Jeff Ehrmann and the seeds of Allume International were planted.

Today Arun is busy providing leadership and creative strategic direction to three companies, all operating under the Allume Worldwide umbrella. When not hard at work in our Minneapolis corporate offices Arun can be found at home with his family or riding the streets on the back of his Mean Streak motorcycle.

Arun has been married for twenty eight wonderful years and has two sons; one of which he's desperately trying to convince it's time to move out!